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I just got back from swim practice. A got a John lecture today. Okay, so for those of you who don't know me, I am a complainer. Anyway, so today I said "John, I don't want to go tomorrow morining". All of a sudden he's like "Jessie, I need to talk to you and Emily." So he sent everybody else off swimming and started going on about how he was very proud of us for coming so much and working so hard and that even though we might not feel like its paying off, it really is and how we were the apiphamy(I don't how it is spelled OR pronounced) of the good swimmers. Then he went on to say that it was good that we had to work hard to go fast because all those kids who are Q swimmers take it for granted or something. It took my quite by surprise because John usually only lectures me about how I need to pay attention more or how I need to make my breastroke kick go down more. dude, I just complained, (like I always do) and all of a sudden he just goes off on a lecture, me and Emily found it quite funny.

The guys at Sweet Dreams are your friends.

Tomorrow I'm going to Telegraph with Alissa and Gretchen, I think. I barely know either of them, and I hope that they like me. I met Alissa and talked to her a bit on Friday and she was really nice, and I see Gretchen all the time at shows but I've barely talked to her. Anyway, after that I think my parents are taking me to The Who concert, which should be cool, I guess. There will probably be a lot of kind of old people there, but there is nothing wrong with old people. I was raised listening to The Who, The Stones, Beatles, Steely Dan and all that good stuff. My parents have decided to take me to their shows as bonding time.

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