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Posted on 2003.09.16 at 19:06
The past two weeks of stress (sources of this vary) have culminated into one huge migraine that has lasted for the past several days. So, while I should be at Midrasha tonight, I'm giving myself a much needed break. The last thing my head needs is a bunch to be surrounded by a bunch of Piedmonters on one side, and former Julia Morganers on the other.

Okay, so I totally bombed my first test of the year (in AP Chem). Of course, everyone did, but it still bums me out. At least now I know what to expect (and it's a lot harder than I thought), so hopefully I'll be better prepared next time. A lot of kids are dropping out (and some might say that I should, judging from my current grade in the class), but I think I'm too proud to do that. Haha. We'll see how the next test goes, and take it from there. It's very possible I may be the only girl left in the class though.

Friday, I have an AP MEH test, and oh my god I'm going to do just as badly on this one. I just know its going to be hell, and I probably should be studying right now.

Alright, so I obviously have nothing exciting to say because I've spent all my time lately either studying, working, or attending various doctor's appointments. Um yeah, I know it's not summer anymore, but can't I please just have a little bit of fun? Shit son.


(Anonymous) at 2003-09-20 22:52 (UTC) (Link)

hey jess

i know wut ya mean. I just might be more antisocial than the kids that sit on their computers and play games ALL day, because all i do is homework! But hey i didn't write to bitch, u did enough of that (jk jk jk). I've discovered something new about myself (i know so touchy feely i just want to pinch my own cheeks) i'm INCREDBILY GOOD at first of all not spelling things rite, but i'm SOOOO good at doing nothing. Like seriously i ROCK. luvya, lisa
jess_is_here at 2003-09-21 08:48 (UTC) (Link)

Re: hey jess

hahah. me too! i mean, i just sit at home alll day, doing nothing, and suddenly it's like 6pm! it makes me a little bit sad.
you know what sucks? whenever i CAN do something, i can never get a ride! damn girl, we nide our licenses. just 5 months (and a few days)! woohoo.
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