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Posted on 2003.09.03 at 19:16
ahh, dude, i've been getting way too many friendster messages lately. i just got one inviting me to some dating site for "only hot gals and guys" and then an even weirder one in which some guy asked me to be his beautiful friend who would save him from consumerism and materialism? haha.

soo..first day of school: pretty good i guess. it was good to see almost everyone again (yay! no katie this year!) and everyone liked my nose ring. especially the freshmen. here what i think of my classes:

AP Chem: i'm one of three girls, and also one of the few white kids. Surprisingly there are a lot of sophomores though. Dr. Hogan gave us this long speech about how hard the class was and how nitpicky the AP test was, which totally scared all of us shitless. (or at least is scared me). Unfortunately i don't really have any friends in this class, but at least there's people to talk to.

Ceramics: like the only laid back class i have. there's only about eight kids in it, and for some reason everyone else is either a junior or senior. we'll see how this class fits in with my nonexistant art skills, and my "i-hate-to-get-messy-attitude"

Free period! need I say more? I have it with Esha, Alex, chris, and who knows who else. We just wondered around looking at all the new parts of campus today (omg, we have a fucking elevator?!) but i'm sure i'll use it for work most of the time.

AP Modern European History: Oh my god, Dr. Manatt is a fucking psycho! this class is HARD, but almost two thirds of the grade is in it, and seeing as I am DEFINITELY in the top two thirds of the grade (not to sound conceited or anything) I guess its the right class for me. I definitely FAILED that essay we had to write, but hopefully I will be a little more informed (aka have actually learned something before i have to write) next time. I may not do excellently in the class, but apparently he prepares us well for the AP Exam. I have it with Rachel, Priya, Christine and Meredith, so at least i won't be lonely.

World Lit: I have some new teacher named Dr. Hoerner? haha. Anyway, he seems very relaxed in the very "let's just talk about how we feel" way, and i will probably be able to bullshit my way through. I'm so glad Kirin and i have english together again! it will be a party!

H. Precalc: Ugh, there's only one other sophomore and it's David Wang, who i've never spoken to in my life. At least we're doing trig functions, which I've done like a million times before, so as of right now I'm alright.

H Spanish 3: It's basically the same kids and teacher as last year. Only we all forget how to speak Spanish. Especially me seeing as I haven't spoken it since April. Eh..it will come back to me.

Yeah, so we'll see how this goes.

Also, if anyone out there is still reading: is anyone going to that Solemite/Dexter Danger show this weekend?


pedaltothefloor at 2003-09-03 20:47 (UTC) (Link)


DUDE! It's solemite, so you KNOW I'll be there!!!!
I heard the nose piercing looks adorable.
<3333 sarah
jess_is_here at 2003-09-04 06:19 (UTC) (Link)


haha. that comment wasn't directed towards people who are OBVIOUSLY TOO COOL FOR SOLEMITE.
yeah, i really like the nose but i'm so afraid it's going to fall out!
punky622 at 2003-09-03 22:47 (UTC) (Link)
ap chem. woo go jess.

♥ Erin
tanman15 at 2003-09-04 16:57 (UTC) (Link)
I will be at teh show
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