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i have a fucking ear infection!

Posted on 2003.08.31 at 09:59


pedaltothefloor at 2003-08-31 11:24 (UTC) (Link)

rant about lizzie mcguire

I HATE HILARY DUFF!! I was an avid fan of Lizzie Mcguire, but oh no, she needs her precious money, so they have to stop the show. ARGGG, and she has a music/tv/movie career and she's our age? she barely acts on that show "g-g-gordo, um c-c'mon." There is an article about her in the new rolling stone and she's all talking about "omg, my sister and me drive around our neighborhood illegally! :giggles:" oh, well aren't you a badass!!!! and she's talking about how she's just too busy to spend time writing her songs. If she can have a career in music, so can we damn it.
Sorry, it's a bit of a touchy subject
-end of rant
<333 sarah
jess_is_here at 2003-08-31 11:28 (UTC) (Link)

Re: rant about lizzie mcguire

hahaha. yeah, she bothers me too. whenever she talks she sounds like she's trying to fight back screaming...her voice is really high strung! and what the hell is she doing singing? and now starting her own clothing line?! um, hun, i think you should try to learn how to actually ACT first.
see you this afternoon?
pedaltothefloor at 2003-08-31 11:34 (UTC) (Link)

Re: rant about lizzie mcguire

Who is going to buy her clothes?? more importantly, do you know ONE person who takes her singing career seriously? because i sure as hell don't! And though her lyrics like "why not do a crazy dance" move me, something tells me she won't be around in music for too long.
yes, I'll definitely see you this afternoon. then we can bitch about lizzie mcguire in person! excellent
<3333 Sarah
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