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Posted on 2002.06.30 at 09:09
Dude, Judy called us yesterday, because she was thinking about what we told her a few weeks ago when we went out to dinner (or actually what Chelsea blurted to her) about how we have snuck to a few shows before. I was so afraid she was going to lecture us and make us tell our parents but instead she gave us some taxi numbers and her number just in case we were ever stuck some place with no way home. She said "I'm so happy to see you girls are doing the same shit I did when I was your age". Anyway, Judy is cool. I miss her.

I also set my computer up yesterday. It is soo cool. I hae already started buring cds for Sara and Chelsea but I have no internet connection yet so I can only do parts of it. I have to wait until Tuesday.

Minority Report is a bad movie.

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