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Posted on 2003.08.14 at 09:09
Alright, I'm going to update before Cassi because our entries are usually nearly identical.

So, just got back from San Diego last night. Good times. OF course it can't even compare to Maui, but I still can't complain about the beach, or going on vacation! (even though we were away for a grand total of like 5 days this whole summer, assldgjk). It was really nice to just get away from everything here, and I wish it could stay that way. I swear there is something evil about this house. When we go away my stomach bug finally is gone, but of course this morning I wake up with my stomach hurting AGAIN.

We surfed a lot, which of course I will never ever be good at because we go to the beach once a year. Regardless, that was a lot of fun. We saw the Skollers and Malmuths. It's funny how similar all the kids turned out even though we didn't grow up together. ( As cassi says, Nathan and I bonded over our overachiever-ness, haha). Hung out at the beach a little, went on a really pretty bike ride with my parents (woah, i'm a nerd, but we already knew that). Basically it was just really relaxing, and I wish that I lived closer to a beach. But of course, you can tell that the overall intelligence of Southern California is much lower than what it is here.

Now I have to get back to school work, back to all my fucking appointments, and back to reality.


I would be involved with you
csarina at 2003-08-14 09:53 (UTC) (Link)
It's associations and memories that make it so much harder at home...its a bitch isn't it
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