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actual update?! this could be loong.

Friday and Saturday: okay, this has been a really wierd weekend, but at least it wasn't the usual moping around and feeling sorry for myself. Friday, I of course had two doctors appointments: one with Mary Jones (god that woman needs to shut up) and the other with some new therapist. (haha..doesn't the fact that this is the third one in three months tell you that just maybe it's not the people, but the process that just doesn't work for me?).

The show Friday was alright, although it seems like years ago. I'm sure you all know that I had fun later (but it hurts to try to remember) although Spencer told me that I was either pissed off the whole time or kissing someone (?). I just remember saying a lot of stupid shit (especially that little piece of advice i gave ryan?!?) or things I would never want people to know, to a lot of people. I woke up the next morning to find myself half on the couch, half on the floor and thinking that I was dying. The rest of the day was spent sleeping or trying not to throw up. Of course on top of all of this I've had some sort of stomach bug so it's already hard to eat without feeling sick, and uncomfortable to sleep. So i think I haven't really been myself this whole weekend because I've been so out of it. (example: falling asleep at the dinner table when we had guests over on Saturday night? hahaa)

Sunday: Yesterday was a little bit more productive, but not really. I practiced saxaphone which I'm really starting to enjoy, but other than that i just fed my newfound addiction to friendster. Cass and I went to the show at the Metro (which was acutally somewhat eventful), where we were the only people besides the whole o'dowd student body, so we were very happy to see Katie, Vicky, Gretchen and Lauren there. We also met some crazy drunk kid named Nigel, who I should NOT have told I would dance with during solemite, because he actually took me up on it. (and, it was crazy dancing!).

After the show some crazy drunk guys came in looking for trouble, so of course they go straight for the fifteen year olds. They kept asking us if we wanted to come kick it, and when we refused they blamed it on our being racist. (excusme, but one of them wasn't even black, he just had a crazy afro and gold teeth). We kind of teased them a bit (bad idea) and when we blew them off it could not have helped. As we walked outside they called us 'fucking scandalous bitches" and i guess when mike tried to defend us they got the chance for a fight that they were looking for. next thing we know we hear all this screaming and mr. whitey afro is getting thrown out.

Ahh, and then SCARIEST experience coming home. Being the stupid peopel that we are, we forgot to call our parents and tell them "that we were getting a ride home from the movie, but were late because when we had to drop lisa off in alameda but got lost coming back". So our dad drives to the jack london theater, and of course as we were driving home we pull up in the lane right next to him! mike wanted to follow him back home, which thank god we didn't do. we found our way to the lake, while our dad miraculously got stuck at the train crossing, and we got home before. of course when we get home our parents interrogated us about the movie (good thing cassi had already seen it) and then saw the stamp on cassi's hand, which we lied about. before going to bed my dad said " when you guys didn't call us i didn't know what was going on. I thought you might be at a show or something" ah shit. whatever, they'll forget about it soon, and they have no proof.

let's hope those html's work.

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