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Camp was pretty boring. I still feel really bad about John asking us out. I mean, when you ask three girls out, what do you expect. But seriously, everybody is so mean to him nad I think there is something wrong with him and he was really really embarassed. Damn, cassie, you should have come with me and Chelsea, we didnt know what to do.

But thats not really the important part about yesterday. It was last night that was fun. So, we finally were able to reach Sara and get a ride from her. I didn't think that either of my parents would be home to see we would not be getting picked up by a 'responsible adult' but turns out my dad's flight was delayed so he didnt get back in time to go to the office so he came home. Okay, this freaked me out a little, but hopefully he wouldn't be going outside to check. WEll then of course, he decided to go outside and talk to pir neighbors FOREVER. I thought I was gonig to pee my pants because Sara would be there any second. So finally, we just told our dad that they couldn't find our street so we were going to go wait out on Lakeshore. I highly doubt that he bought that, especially since our street is quite easy to find, but Cassi and I just sprinted away. We found Sara before she went up the hill to our house to pick us up. Then we went to go pick up Noelle(I think thats how you spell it) who I had never really met before. She's cool. While we were driving on the freeway we saw the Solemite van, which was pretty cool. They went some bus/carpool way, which confused us.

After much traffic, we arrived at the Pacifica Boys and Girls club, and who do I see? CAT! I was so happy, it had been way too long. I also met her friends Nora and Sunny. After we bought our tickets Sunny joined us on our quest to find dinner. First we went to some "Mall" place but we couldn't find anything. so we just decided to go to Taco Bell and KFC. At taco bell I got a sticker that said Sugar Babe, hehe. At KFC our servers name was Will.

After our fast food dining we went back to the club to find that Solemite was already playing! But they were only on their second song, which was a relief. Anyway, Cassi and I pushed our ways to the front, like we always do, and I was next to some tiny little boy who looked about 9 or 10 years old. I tink that Cassi was next to our haters, but their names aren't Vicky and Taylor. One of them or maybe both used to go to our school and they really didn't seem to like us. I Was even in the bathroom stall and I heard them talking and the mentioned something about the girl next to them, then when I came out the started cracking up and yelling "holy shit", "Oh my god!". Dude, I would think that people there age could be a little more mature than that.

Anyway, then I went and talked to Nora, who is very cool by the way. She showed us her pictures from the P. Hill show. Shortly after that the time came once again for everybody to pile into the tiny stuffy little room to watch the Locals. I had nowhere to go so I finally decided to go stand on the pool table with some other kids. I actually was able to see pretty well. I also made some friends with the girls next to me, we talked about how we were worried that table might break, haha. The Locals were great, it sucked how short all the sets had to be though.

Next was Dexter Danger, who although they are good I didn't want to see them bad enough to get squished and suffocated again. (okay, I'm exagerating a little). So, we went outside where we talked with a whole bundle of people. Justin fixed the time on our phone so it's correct now, because Cassi always gets confused. While we were talking to Justin, Ryan comes up with a cigarette in is hand and smells like shit. He tells us that when we get married he will quit. Haha. Cigarettes make people smell nasty. Next, Ben comes up yelling "Twins" and we contemplated whether it was possible to do a double piggyback ride. In the end, we decided that it might be alittle dangerous. This whole time I was very hungry, so Cassi and I went inside to see if there was anymore free food. WEll, there wasn't, but we did find some melted otter pops. WE decided that these would be okay, so we went back outside where we met Ben's friend Page or Tage or something and Ben made us say "We don't like eating melted otter pops" at the same time.

Finally, it was time for the KGB. So Cassi and I went inside and just cut across the "stage" and went in front of everbody. The girls behind us hated me. Since we were right in front of the keyboard Ben gave us the special assingment of changing his battery and the girls called us retards. So I called them bitches and they jsut kept on saying "Oh my god, did you hear that? Oh my god!" Haha,, it was funny. Anyway, Cassi had trouble changing the battery, it was funny.

the KGB's set was great. Once again, too short, but aren't sets always too short?? After the show we talked to Alissa for a little bit, and said bye to people and then went on home. All in all it was a great night. I had a lot of fun, lots and lots.

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