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Hello all. Liking the new icon? Such a typical LJ icon: looking pensive and sad, not staring at the camera (I didn't look good straight on). Haha. It's a little messed up where I tried to put in text and couldn't get it out (damn me and my non-computer saaviness).

Aaanyway, Sara came over today. We always have the greatest time and amuse ourselves doing the stupidest things. The task for today (after unsucessfully trying to rent a movie): Cutting Cassi's hair! And I must say, for first timers I am very proud. I think she is going to put up pictures later, and I am sure that you will all agree with me. It's sooo much shorter, but that girl had a lot of hair to spare.

Okay, so has anyone seen those Barbie commercials where that chick is on her cell phone and says to her friend "What the band is already there? I don't think I'm dressed for that!" and then proceeds to save her reputation as a fashion diva by making new clothes on the Subway? (soo plausable, I know). Well, out of my boredom I went to (the site that the commercial is for)and watched the continuation of that commercial. She gets to the show and talks to some band member and you can so tell that they are going to hook up afterwards. Barbie is also going out with some guy in a band, and they all have blogs where they talk about their new shoes and such. Haha, such entertainment. They also are very stylish and hip.

I emailed them saying that one of the girls/dolls should get an STD from a band member that she hooks up with (because that is what these Barbie dolls do). The episode name (because they title all their little episode thingies) could be called "What's That Mysterious Itch?" or something of that sort. Oh god, why am I so immature?

Happy New Years everyone!

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