jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Merry Christmas everyone! Yes, we go to temple and celebrate all the other Jewish holidays but we still take part in this joyous Holiday! (usually spending it with our jewish relatives and friends. No relatives this year though, everything is so quiet!).

So, yesterday went back to Ayesha's with Sara and just hung out. I did end up getting some cheap yet semi cute shoes for $10. Cassi and I were then forced to suffer through dinner with some werid family from the temple. Ah! Their kids are devils!

This morning was so much less hectic than all of our other Christmas's because we don't have any crazy relatives running around the house. Just got a lot of gift certificates and money. The clothes that I got all either don't fit or I don't like so sometime soon I have to return them. Shopping time! Cass and I also got a digital camera (yay!) and phones for our rooms.

Now my family is off to see "catch me if you can". I hope it's good.

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