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Posted on 2002.12.20 at 20:20
Who's a complete and utter jackass? I am! Okay, so today I get out of my Bio final (I actually think I did well! woot!) and without thinking about it I get on the bus. Not into we were well into Orinda did I realize that unlike the other days this week when we had two finals and got out at 1:15, today we had gotten out at 10:00 therefore no one could pick me up at the bus station. Shit! So, I used to my street saavy skills and took BART to 12th St.(where Eric Chico was on the same train and car as I was in-somewhat strange) and the bus home, but it was not at all fun! I was in my fucking PJ's with wet hair, and freezing my ass off.

This afternoon Cass and I went over to Isha's house, which was a lot of fun. I've had waay too much baguette for one day though. I'm so incredibly happy I'm on break!

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