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Posted on 2002.12.19 at 20:14
Agh. My computer sucks. Just as I was finishing my entry it went crazy on me. Well, here I go again:

I've been updating a lot lately, due to lack of something better to do/not wanting to study.

Agh, just one more exam (of the subject of the devil:bio) and then I'm free for two weeks! Why can't it just be 9:45 tomorrow morning? Today I had History and Math, it was alright. History I feel just OK about. Of course I'm one of those dramatic people who come out of every test that she has saying "oh my god, I totally failed that!" but in actuality it wasn't SO bad. Thanks to my quarter grades I didn't have to get an A on the final to get an A in the class. Same deal for math, but that exam was pretty easy, with the exception of one problem. I don't know what the deal with it was. I did it about 1,000,000 times and spent 2/3 of my time on it but had no sucess! So frustrating, especially after being in Mr. L's class and never ever in my two years not answering a problem, now I can't? I am truly ashamed of myself.

Didn't swim today, because I'm a slacker. It was just too warm and comfy in my heated house and my PJ's and the pouring rain outside sounded anything but appealing. Plus, I had heard lightning and thunder a mere hour before practice! My life could have been threatened! We would have had a fried Jessie on our hands!

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