jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Ah! We just started doing dry land (pushups, situps etc.) at swim practice this week for the first time since the summer. I'm so not used to doing any of that sort of stuff and I am in serious pain. I honestly cannot move (let alone walk, swim or do even more dryland). So please, excuse the waddling and forgive me if it takes me ages to move a few feet.

Well not much has been happening lately. I could inform you about all the hilarious 'drama' that's been going on among my friends lately, but I doubt any of you have any interest. Anonymous instant messenger people, shrimp sandwiches and prank calls fill my days with amusement.

I just have to make it through next week and then its break! Woohoo! I hope I get something good for Mini-Semester.

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