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Posted on 2002.12.07 at 09:35
The wierdest thing just happened. I was reaching up in my fridge to get some juice and I was looking up. When I looked down again everything went black for several seconds and then when I could see again everything was spinning and blurry. My goodness what is happening to me?

Alright, so I've been pretty busy lately. Lots and lots of work and I'm really stressed about finals next week. I've never had them before so I have no idea what to expect. Also, this Monday I have a huge history report due, which of course I haven't even really started on yet. (Unless you count "thinking about it" as working.)

Last night was fun. Thanks to the other twins for giving us a ride, those girls are awesome. The show was crowded, hot and smelly; definitely not a pleasant experience. However, it was great to see the KGB again after so long, and Solemite always makes me happy. I was dead tired during The Mathches, and could barely stand to be inside any longer so I didn't really watch much of them.

Everyone was there, and it was great to see a bunch of people (you know who you are<3), but I didn't get to actually talk to many of them. I'm just not that big of a fan of huge shows like that. Also, thanks so much to Lauren's phone and Chelsea's (who, by the way, seemed very cool) convincing motherly ways we managed to slip by yet again!

Now, I WILL work on my project.

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