jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

"I could be the Walrus but I'd still have to bum rides off of people"

Random Thoughts:

Ahg. I hate the end of terms. I've barely had any work this whole semester and now bam! All of the teachers decide to pour all of these tests and projects on us within the last two weeks. How are we expected not to procrasinate if they do the same things themselves. Oh yeah, and not to mention finals. I still have two weeks left, yet I can't help but feel a little bit stressed, maybe like I should have been actually trying to learn things all semester rather than just memorize random information and then forget it.

Yesterday was good fun with Mads. RENT was incredibly sad, but so, so good. I'm still devastated that I have no talent in the singing, acting OR dancing areas therefore all my hopes and dreams of ever being in a musical are completely unrealistic. I'm really not artisticly talented in any way, or at least no way that I am aware of. This bums me out a great deal.

Just when I thought that we had this weekend all figured out I find about Sunday. Oh dear, such a dillemma. Hehe. Cassi and I are thinking of going in for the kill tomorrow night and asking mom and dad if we can go. If by some miracle they agree then we will have be sneaky on Friday, and I am utterly terrified! God damn parents.

Alright! So now I need some advice. In a few weeks I will take a huge step further into my awkward teenage phase as I get braces, on every single tooth in my mouth. However, I do have the option of getting invisalign on my top teeth. Although this does sound apealing I some people have warned me against it due to the fact that it cuts into your gums, spit and other crap gets stuck in it, etc. If any of you have had braces before I NEED YOUR ADVICE! Also, what are the best colors?

And just one more thing: Does anyone here have any creative ideas for a presentation on Plato? If you do, let me know.

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