jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Is it possible for my grandparents to lay eyes on me without exclaiming "Oy, how gorgeous" and then hugging my for eternity? Luckily its pretty easy to escape from the relatives and they are staying at a hotel which is definitely a nice break.

Yesterday was a pretty chill day. I had no school, Cassi did and my cousins went to Alcatraz leaving me with a peaceful, empty house. I slept and ate for most of the day. Mom gave us money to get ourselves Hannukah presents so after Cassi got out Jade, Cass and I barted our way into the city for like an hour. I got myself the cutest little sweater and saw some great shoes as well but I didn't have time to get them. That night we had to babysit Jack and Elise...mehh.

Today we had a late swim practice for some reason. When I got home I was informed that we had to leave in five minutes to go see Harry Potter. What a scary movie! And damn those boys' voices were cracking left and right. Hehe.

Ah, I'm really not a big fan of Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, none of the food is that great, I'd rather jsut have pasta.

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