jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Yay! Mads is coming to see "Rent" with us next weekend. She is the only one of my cool friends who actually likes musicals. Everyone else just doesn't know what they are missing.

The past few days have been alright. Nothing too exciting, as usual. My days are always filled with small amusing events, one of the benefits of going to school with such strange people.
Tomorrow we leave for Mission which should be fun, I guess. I mean, the swim meet part is going to undoubtedly suck but I hope I do well. Who knows? Maybe those crazy no-shaving ideas really do work. On Monday we go to Disneyland while all of my friends are in school. Suckers. Despite the fact that everyone says that this meet is soo much fun I"m not really looking forward to it. Then again, I don't go into many things with a positive attitude, so you never know.

Ahgg, I'm going to get soo behind though!

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