jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

This will probably all be a reiteration of Cassi's entry, but...

Well, well, well, it's been a while. I guess I'll update.

School has been going well lately I guess. Lotsandlots of tests and even more annoyances (socially). Why are some people so stupid? Anway, I've been doing pretty well I guess except I can't seem to get anything right on those stupid math quizzes, dammit! Agh, geometry can kiss my ass. Where have all the numbers gone? Oh yeah, and then there is Bio. Had a test on friday, let's cross our fingers.

Swimming is good, Mission Viejo is in less than a week and I'm supposed to go double days. Ha. That's a laugh, seeing as I go to school in Lafayette. What really bothers me is that we can't shave our legs until right before the meet. What the hell? My hair is so thin that it doesn't create extra drag; I just feel manly.

Last night's show was alright. I don't like the the Lafayette community center, it's very....Lafayette? Yeah, but there was barely anyone there and it was pretty boring until Solemite played (which, by the way, was at like 8:45). Their set was pretty funny, many difficulties. BUT, no keytar (muhuhah) and they played Lauren, Cassi and my request: Carly (even if it sounded bad, I still love that song.)Oh yes, and just in case you were wondering (because Cassi and I were) Ryan doesn't shave his chest,Justin, however does. Haha.

Since the show ended early Lauren took us back to Solemite's house for a little bit (it was my first time), and it really wasn't as ghetto as they made it seem like it would be. Still pretty sketchy though. Their house is pretty gross, but that was all redeemed when I found out they had otter pops. Corona peed everywhere, and I think I got some on my boots, which is just plain gross. Justin gave us a tour and we saw (the part that was done) of the Awful Pair video which was soo awesome, but might get a little redundant after the whole song.

I think I need to update more often because I forget everthing that I want to write.

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