jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Wow, people can really be so amusing sometimes. Yet somewhat annoying as well. First of all, all of the wierdos who go to my school have supplied rich entertainment for me the past couple of months. I honestly don't know where my school finds these people but Bentley has an eye for those special types (as in yellow school bus special).

Secondly, my friends are IDEAL to make fun of. The other day Katie said "well, it's okay to be bitchy if we are popular!". Madeliene and I shot eachother "oh my god, how pathetic" looks from across the table.

Also, the "super lifeguard" in the mornings never fails to crack me up. Allow me to tell you about this guy. He if very old to be a lifegaurd, for one thing. The only people swimming in the morning are (for the most part) above the age of 13 and have been swimming for a while. I don't think there is a very high risk of them spontaneously forgetting how to swim and drowning. Yet he paces the pool with his bright red bouy in his neon green wetsuit, bright red short shorts over the wet suit, and sun hat (there is no sun out at 6:30 in the morning!). Sometimes he sits up in the tower waiting for someone to drown, or other times he does lunges or some other excercise that will be necessary for rescuing us. Ah, goodtimes. His name is Al.

Some other things:(I'm testing out my link-posting skills here)
Everyone must vote for my friend Mike's dog. Click on "Vote now" and his dog is number 15. He wants it to be pug of the month.

Also, I stumbled across this game called JT's Blocks about a month ago and Mads and I are nerds and play it all the time in study hall. Now everybody (in my study hall that is) is playing it! How exciting (sort of). Play it and tell me it is not one spiffy game.

that is all. I am bored due to lackage of homework, which I guess is a good thing.

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