jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Update time! Even though there isn't really much to say. I've been in a kind of bad mood lately, I'm not sure why. Halloween sucked, and was spent in the arms of some gross, intoxicated, smelly guy who felt it was imperative to his existence as a twin that he and his brother double date Cass and I. Um, how about not?! EW, EW! Although it was fun watching "Seventh Heaven" with Kirin and speaking about how Audrey's stomach had expanded. HAHA.

My weekend sucked horribly. It was spent swimming (or at least at a swim meet where I got sunburnt and my lips got chapped), eating and sleeping.Not doing homework like I should have, and not going to Foster City like I wanted to. Eh, I probably would have fallen asleep anyway. I also discovered that I HAVE BEEN ROBBED! I realized this last week when I found that my wallet was empty and I KNOW that I did not spend everything in it. I am distraught. What do you want from me, huh?

Today was actually pretty good. First I got to laugh at all of the people who got hell at swim practice for not coming to the meet, and then all of my teachers totally didn't care that I did none of my homework (but now I have so much tonight). Also, I got an A on both my History test and my Spanish Quiz! Still, why can't the week be over already?

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