jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

I am going to die next Sunday around 8:00 pm. Damn. Why must I torture myself by seeing such horribly frightening movies? And now I'm stuck at home all alone today (third Monday off in a row...woot) and I swear everything is freaking me out! I'm such a nerd, but a very, very scared nerd. I must use the 6 and a half days that I have left wisely.

Two times in the last month I have been left at morning practice. Honestly, am I that easy of a person to forget? (well actually, I wasn't forgotten this morning but I was still left there). People were giving me strange looks with my swim bag, bright yellow fins, bright pink pj pants and wet hair as I walked through the streets of Piedmont.

Halloween is on Thursday. I really, really don't want to go to Ayesha's, although I think that I am expected to. I don't want to stay home though. Hm.. I'm just completely bored.

Also, if anyone has a livejournal code let me know.

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