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Posted on 2002.10.18 at 18:11
Allow me to tell you something very annoying: I had just written down some long ass entry, and of course (thank you Mr. reliable Livejournal) it was erased.

So, here we go again...

Why must I be surrounded by such utter First off, today I had to listen to my peers debate over which was cooler: weed or alcohol. I'm not a "no! don't do drugs, they are the devil" type person. I just find my friends obvious pretentious-ness about the whole thing quite aggravating. I find that my friends' bragging about how wasted they got the other night and how they threw up has the opposite affect that they intend. (They want to sound cool.) However, it come of as :gasp!: annoying (and despite what they all think continues to add to their image of the quintesscence of freshmanliness). Well, I will be subject to this once again after they sneak to Monty's party tonight. Oh dear, at least I sneak to WAAAY cooler things than senior parties.

Anyway, today was the end of the quarter. (Although we are not yet a quarter of the way through school, only 3/14 because the fall quarters are six weeks while the spring are eight). We have a three day weekend (second one in a row and we have yet another one next weekend) because Monday is a faculty work day. In addition it is a no homework weekend. I shall celebrate by going on a family bike ride (oh god, not another one!) on Sunday for my dad's birthday.

I think I did alright this quarter. English and Bio are looking a bit sketchy. English, because my teacher grades on a huge bias and only gives good grades to the girls he has little pedophile crushes on. I will not be getting such a grade from him because (as I have concluded) I talk to fast for his slow processing mind and stunted brain-cell connection ability. Also, he assigns us the non-sense, tedious projects which I refuse to put anything but minimal effort into because I fail to see their relation to Classical Literature.

Biology just doesn't work for me. I'm find with inferring and the math aspect of it, but this class seems to be mostly memorizing information. Definitely not my thing. I absolutely failed the test today, further lowering my grade.I'm just shaking with anticapation for the finals. At least I get to get this class out of the way when it doesn't really matter.

Now that I have justified my reasons for doing poorly in these classes (hopefully my parents will buy these perfectly reasonable, understandable excuses) I would just like to further remind you of how much Livejournal sucks.

Sorry for the long entry.

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