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This weekend...

Posted on 2002.10.14 at 18:06
Well, this weekend has been pretty awesome. For one thing it was three days which is always a good thing. Saturday, after thinking I wouldn't be able too, Cass and I went to Mitchell Park (thanks Katie!). It was fun, although I wasn't able to fully enjoy it because I was worried that someway, somehow our parents would find out that we weren't at iMusicast. But, they didn't. It was so good to see some of the people I hadn't seen in a while (and those who I had seen just two weeks before) and of course Solemite was great (despite the technical difficulties.)

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, unless you count getting new goggles. Today, however, was lots of fun. Cass and I publically transported our little selves to and from the city. First we hung out with Emily (<3) which was completely awesome. I hadn't seen her since June, and it definitely should not be another four months until we see eachother again. Not ready to go home yet, Cass and I went shopping and called Nora. She met up with us for a little while and we wondered around taking pictures of lonely people.

Oh yes, the camera guy was on our bus today! Haha.

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