jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Alright, so here's a thinker for you...

My parents, have totally given up on the one show a month thing (yay!) and are letting us go to L3 this Saturday. As much as this show is going to rock, I think I might just want to go to Mitchell Park instead. However, before we go to whatever show we are going to that night, Cassi and I have to help our parents serve cocktails at this dinner thing for my dad's work before they go out. Because of this we cannot leave until 8:00, therefore leaving us rideless to Mitchell Park. They are going to pay us for helping them out though (!!!) which gives us extra money to waste. This leaves us with a few options. A]Just go to L3. It IS going to rock. B]Pull a "twins" and be completely rediculous (like always) and find some way to Palo Alto via Public Transportation (damn CalTrain for not running on weekends!).

So, what's your take on this?

Also! One more thing. If you have read any good books lately, please let me know. I need some new reading material!


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