jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

Sorry, this is going to be sort of a long post.

Last night was awesome. Cassi and I were planning on sitting on our asses and probably watching some movie on Showtime that we had seen about a billion times. However, while looking at the Solemite message board we read the post about the Oasis and decided we REALLY wanted to go. After much contemplation over whether to go to the Oasis or Paicifca today, I think our love for Solemite outwieghed my desire to see K.G.B. (Although I still really want to go tonight because I want to see K.G.B. Phenomenauts, Locale A.M. and some people who I didn't get to see last night but miss a lot.) Oh well, last night was fun.

So, because of our last minute shannagans, we tried desparately to find a ride with a "responsible adult" but failed. Once again we turned to our old friend public trans( of course telling our parents that we were getting a ride with a responsible adult) which got us their but robbed us of our money. I had to borrow some from Ariel (thank you babe!) and Spencer. It's really rediculous what we do sometimes.

So we got there and first saw Ariel and Shona. I missed them soo much and it was sooo great to see them!(Oh yeah, thank you Ariel for escorting Cassi and I to the bathroom, hehe.)It was soo great to see everyone again last night (Nora, Lauren, Alissa, Jess, Stella, Katie, Katie, Vicky, Gretchen, Sunny (for a little bit), and I met Jackie who I had seen before but never really talked to. She seemed nice. Oh yes, and all the guys.) Anyway, I miss you all so much and I can't wait to see you again.

Everyone just talked outside for most of the night, I didn't even go in until Solemite started to play. There were some annoying girls in front who smelled bad, but I was sooo tired and didn't feel like making them move (because you know, they would have been soo scared of me). It was so great to finally see Solemite again. I hadn't seen them play a set of their own since July 20 (because we had to leave right when they started at Ashkenaz) so it was nice to hear all of those songs again. I was dead tired so I wasn't all that into it but seeing those boys play never fails to put a smile on my face.

So then we said our goodbyes (Jess tried to convince us to sneak to Pacifica, which I really want to but don't know how I would go about it and I have a bad feeling about it). Thank you so much to Katie for giving us a ride home!!

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