jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

This is the conversation that just went on between me and my father:

Dad: So Jess, are you almost done with your homework?
Me: Yeah, I don't have very much tonight.
Dad: Oh, good. I think there are some good shows on tonight. Aren't all the premieres on?
Me: Yeah.

What's this? Haha, does he remember what month it is? (well, I think we have already established the importance of rouding up) but still...

Today I had a Biology test and a Geometry test. Biology, eh. I had soo much to go! But luckily so did everybody else so he will probably not count some of the questions or something. I am moderately confident on what I did get to answer.

Math, I finished waay before the rest of my class, but that can be good or bad. It could mean that it was easy for me and I knew what I was doing (it seemed pretty easy) or it could mean that I completely blew it and should have spent more time on it. We will see.

Tomorrow: Vocab Quiz (hella easy.)
Music Quiz (HELLA HELLA easy.)

I did way too much fly today.

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