jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

I cleaned my room today because for some strange reason I had barely any homework. I'm very proud of myself because it is very hard for me to actually do something productive during the school year. I get so damn lazy, and so bored. Not to mention stressed. I don't even know why. School is pretty easy and I can usually pull things off it's just for some reason it puts me in the worst mood ever. For on thing I'm soooosooo tired during the week. Bentley sucks for being so far away. It seriously fucks everything up. So, I think I will subject myself to more stress and apply to CPS and Head-Royce again this year. Why I didn't get in to at least one of them (CPS) last year is a mystery to me because I know so many people there who's ass would be mine in any sort of academic circumstance (I'm still a bit bitter). But gah, I don't want to go through the whole process again and not get in, which I probably won't because it is a lot harder to get in as a sophomore. All of this is making me annoyed really easily by people, which sucks because I'm usually pretty energetic and (as I like to think) fun to be with. Now I'm just a boring bitch who puts minimal effort into being at all social. Maybe if I drink a pepsi everything will be better.

Anyway this is a whole bunch of pointless rambling. I'm just in one of those moods, you know? Or maybe phases. I seem like I take everything so light-heartedly but lately, I don't know, I've been pissed off by everything.

I honestly need something better to do with my time. It's time to go to amazon and order those books I've been meaning to forever.

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