jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

blah, blah, boredom

Wow, is there something wrong with me? Haha, seriously, a boy likes me for three years, and then on the last day of school, the last day I will see him (well except for the occasional party or event between our high schools) I start to like him. I mean, great timing Jess, really. Well, what can I say? I AM a strange one like that. Perhaps it has something to do with the large amount of cherry pits I have been consuming lately. Its just so hard not to swallow them. Anyway, being fourteen is so hard. Haha, yeah but not really, I hate people who think that. But seriously, I will probably stop liking him in a few days anyway, because it is a rare/never occurring event for me to have a crush on someone for more than a week.

On another note, I am so happy that summer is here! Yay, now I need to find something to do with myself besides watching movies and going on-line.
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