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Posted on 2002.09.17 at 16:32
Firstly, I have a horrendous stomach ache. I ate way too much today, but I was surrounded by good food so what was I to do? Now I feel shitty, oh so shitty.

Today's was Jen's birthday. Dear lord I have never seen such a commotion in my life! I didn't get her a present, but she got so many I don't think she really cares.

What I learned in math today:
Girls=time x money
money=the root of evil (evil^.5)

Hehe. It can be used for anything, because of course girls are not evil. Boys are the ones with coodies.

Oh yes, also, my dance was cancelled. So now my friends have come up with the bright idea of going shopping at Stoneridge. Do you know where Stoneridge is? (interactive journal time). Well, it is right next to Q-Zar. I tried to convince my friends to go shopping at night but I was outnumbered seeing as for some strange reason most of them would like to go in the afternoon. But hopefully we will go out to dinner afterwards and Cass and I *might be able to make a quick appearance at Q-zar early-ish. So, if you are going, get there early.

That is all.


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