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Something for Nora to read so she doesn't have to do homework

Posted on 2002.09.16 at 10:30
Agh, so, we have been in school for a week and I am already sick. Damn all those creppy unsanitary kids in my class. I feel rather cruddy but at least I can catch up on my homework and get more studying time for my Spanish quiz.

Hm, so, yesterday/the day before was Sarah L's birthday party. I swear, I absolutely HATE her parents. They are messing her up. They won't let her do jack shit and now she is completely wierd.

Jen and Alexandra would not stop talking about how cool they were because they got drunk the previous night at Lauren's party, I just nodded and smiled and thought to myslef "whatlosers".

OOh, and the other day I was joking with Hillary, Priya and Kirin (I think that was all) and I said that when Jen and Katie were with Jen they reminded me of those girls who follow Ren around in EVen Stevens (best show ever). WEll, someone told Jen and she asked me about it. Of course I denied ever saying anything even similar to that. Hehe.

Sopranos DVD's are getting intense. I might watch some today to further put off my homework.


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