jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

last night

So last night was fun, I don't know, it wasn;t as great as I thought it would be but that was probably just because I was really tired and not really in the mood. Whatever, I still had a great time, met some cool (and not so cool) people, and saw some people who I hadn't seen in a long time. The show took forever though, so we left after only a few Aquabat songs which, normally, I would have been bummed about but I needed my rest. I'm totally freaked out now because earlier my parents were asking things like "oh, how's Adam" and "It was so nice of him to give you a ride all the way back home". Fuuckk.... I'm just hoping they won't call him to thank him or something, I don't know why they would but I'm still worried. Fuuuck, lying sucks.

I am also very distraught over the fact that I left my Aquabats coloring book there. I was really looking forward to coloring in it. Especially the two headed cat. I could pet one head, while petting the other head too. Or something like that.

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