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Posted on 2002.09.12 at 17:17
Have you ever noticed that on those jazz station after a track plays the DJ always says something alittle bit personal about that song, like "how it reminds them of the summer of 1996" and then all of a sudden they go into the name and artist of the track really quicklty. I found it amusing.

Ah. Basically everyone at school pisses me off. I don't know why I am annoyed so easily. I like some people, but I even find fault in them. Kirin and Priya said that I was the best person to talk to if they were ever pissed at someone because I always had something bad to say. Haha.

Lauren is having party tomorrow. I have no desire to go, even if I could. Only some of my "friends" are, and they think it is "like oh my god so cool" that they are going to a junior's party. Jeesh, get over yourselves.

Biology and History test tomorrow. Agh. But today was a good day school wise. I got the best grade in class on my essay in honors history and I got 100% on my math quiz. I hope I haven't jinxed my luck and it stays with me tomorrow.

I want to see the Plain White T's this weekend. Damn.


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