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I haven't updated in a while....

Posted on 2002.09.09 at 17:31
...well, there is not much to say. I'm in school right now, it sucks. Too much homework. With school/swimming/work and piano starting tomorrow it's going to be very busy. I should probably work right now.

All of the girls at my school or so, well, stereotypically freshmenly. I guess that is a bit hypocritical of me to say because I too am a freshmen, but I certainly hope I'm not like most of them. It's amusing.

Nachi goes to Bentley now. I truly do dislike that boy with a passion, but then again, there are many people who I dislke.

Maya had Picante for lunch today!! And on Friday she had AJ Ferarri, she is going to kill me. All I can do is stare at her great food all lunch, it just looks so yummy.

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