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Blech. I'm in a bad mood. I'm stressed about summer assignments yet can't bring myself to complete them. Well, it would be significantly easier if we were not going to Tahoe this weekend. I think I'm also PMSing, which reminds me, today is my one year anniversary of that. I don't know why I keep track of these things, and I have no fucking idea why I am sharing it.

Alright, so my trip. This will be completely uninteresting to you, so it might require a bit of scrolling.

Day 1: Rode the bus there. I met a bunch of people on the bus, it was an alright ride. When we got to the campsite we did some corny name game crapiness, and then all the girls just sat down and talked. It was cool. Some of them are a little much, but I had fun. Seems like all (or a lot at least) of them are all tall skinny, blonde and pretty. Gah. As the night progressed we did more bonding activities. My tentmate made me go to sleep right away, because she didn't want to stay up and talk.

Day 2: We went river rafting. I was in a boat with Priya, but everyone else in our boat was HELL OF strange. John fell out, HAHAHA. That night I didn't want to go to sleep right away so I went into Jen and Kiri's tent, and we talked for a long time.

Day 3: Ropes Course. It was alright, I got really scared though. We also did a bunch of group activites, such bullshit. We did the spiderweb game and I had to be carried through the highest hole. The Physics teacher was holding up my ass the whole time. AHHH! Then we rode home. The ride was hell. Soooooo hot.

Alright, that was not very detailed, oh well. No for my impressions of people. Old and new.

Madeliene:Being such a bitch whore. Doing the exact same things we were complaining about on Saturday. She totally ditched all of her old friends and hung out with Jen, because Laurel had told her she was popular. I mean, I don't have a problem with her being nice to new people, but she was acting soo different. In a bitchy way. She is also way to boy crazy.

Kirin:So awesome. I love her, we trash mouth together. She also cracks me up.

Priya:Ditto. Thank god she was in my group. She is also cool because she is short.

Ayesha:Even more spacy than usual. I mean, she is nice, but can be pretty annoying. Eh, I don't know. I like her.

Sarah L.:She is really wierd. I really don't think she has very good social skills. She tries way too hard to impress people. I don't know, she is nice though.

Alright, that's the only old people I feel like talking about now.


Alex (w/ bangs): She was really nice and funny. A little bit much and got annoying kind of easily, but she is the type of person you can be crazy with. She reminded me of Morgan in a way, but she could never be as secretive. She talks too much.

Alex Berch: Also really nice. Quite quiet, but that can definitely be a good thing at times. I didn't really get to know her that well.

Lisa: Eh. She was nice, also a little much, I can't see us being really close.

Christy: I thought she was really awesome. She was a good combination of being friendly, without being obnoxious.

Jen: Also really cool. I think she may have surpressed rage though. Haha, I don't know why everyone said she was a bitch, because she seemed really nice to me.

Hillary: Totally awesome. I can see us being really competitive though. But that's alright, because I always have guy competition. I'm also not sure whether she is genuine, or just like Audrey, in that fake sort of gag-me-with-a-spoon sort of way.

Funny people include: T-Bone, Hungary Girl and J-Pop. HAha, I'm such a bitch.

Alright, I don't feel like writing anymore. I want to go tonight. How stupid is it that Cass might go, when she has school and I don't? Hm.

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