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Amelie is a good movie.

Posted on 2002.08.25 at 11:48
I just don't get it. Do girls honestly think acting all stupid and ditsy is going to make guys like them? I mean, anyone in their right mind would find it annoying as hell, it's just that those girls also tend to be easy and slutty so -that's- what the guys like about them. I mean, I admit I'm not completely innocent of this, but it seems like its become a part of a bunch of my friends. There were many a chica that I wanted to smack last night for doing so. I'm glad that most of the people that are on my bad list will not be accompanying me through out my high school years, but that doesn't mean I won't encounter it.

Sorry for this totally random post, it just was really annoying me, and I'm really bored. I think people think I have acquired quite the bitchiness/trash mouthingness over the summer.

Oh yes, another thing. My mom is cool. Well, sort of at least. See, we are going to Tahoe next weekend, and I think my parents want to leave on Friday but my mom agreed that we could leave Saturday morning so Cass and I could go to Pacifica. She said "well, I realize how much you like these shows so we can leave later". Yay.

Tomorrow: New Student River Trip. Am I excited? Not really. I hope I get to bunk with someone tolerable. (Mads, Kiri, Meagan, Priya). It should be alright I guess.


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