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Posted on 2002.08.25 at 09:50
Well, yesterday was one of the more eventful days that I have had in a while, seeing as I actually got myself out of the house, so I think I might write about it.

So, after thinking that I wouldn't be able to, my parents said I could go hang out in the city with Nora (a.k.a go to Nadine's Wild Weekend). I almost ruined my chance when I got in a fight with my mom, but that was all amended so we went on our merry way. The show was really good, I guess I was just in the right kind of moood. I couldn't see much for Dexter Danger or Locale AM, but I pushed my way to the front for the Locals. I really, really enjoyed the Locals' set, except for the breakage for guitars, but I am definitely starting to like them more everytime I see them. We left before Eleventeen with Lauren and her annoying friend, because we had to be home in time.

It was great seeing everyone yesterday! Hopefully I will see you all soon.

Last night I went to Morgan's party. UGH. Me and Madeliene sat around the whole time complaining about all the girls in our grade and how stupid they could be. Even though Madeliene can be annoying sometimes I love her and its nice to know that there is someone to be cynical with me. Kirin joined in a little bit too, we also decided that we would move into Morgan's guest house because it was so fucking big.

Annie Sept has turned into such a Morgan/Audrey/Chelsea type, it's really quite sad, but it was bound to happen. Eh, whatever. The loud rap music (it was like 10 times louder than any show) gave me a migraine, so when I got home last night I drugger myself up on pain killers and medication and went to bed.

What is in store for today? Mr L's birthday. Ahhhhh, kill me now!

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