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my day...

Posted on 2002.06.17 at 19:16
so, camp sucks this year. The counselors don't seem to be very interesting, and the kids suck. blah. O yeah, and the grass is muddy. Yes, and sometimes when you are running to get a soccer ball you slip in a muddy part and fall flat on your face and get covered in mud. Haha, that's what happened to me. And then I had to go to the movies afterwards to see Undercover Brother, which was probably one of the most racist, stereotypical movies of the 21st century. There were a few funny parts, especially Chris Kattan ( who never fails to make me laugh...except in corky ramano), but most of it was really stupid. It was still fun seeing all my friends though. Sara came to the theater drunk and completely out of it. She is a funny drunk, expecially since she is usually pretty airy to being with. But everyone was being mean to her, which kind of sucked, even though a 13 year old should not be getting drunk. But really the worst part of it was that she smelled really bad. Ew.
Now I am home and no body is here and there are funny noises coming from upstairs. I'm really scared.



johnnypanicked at 2002-06-21 12:22 (UTC) (Link)


i didnt know you had an lj! i love you. read mine!
jess_is_here at 2002-06-22 10:20 (UTC) (Link)

Re: jessie!

you're on my friends list. yup, yup.
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