March 18th, 2006


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This whole waiting thing just really isn't my style. It is slowly nibbling away at my soul!

(...12 days until Brown!!)

Although the question is, do I really want to know? I mean, yes, it definitely will be nice to have this all over with, and I will be estatic if I get in, but there's something nice about at least not knowing that I've been regected. At least now I can hold out a little bit of hope.

Eh, but no. I need to know. At this point, I just need to hear from somewhere. I really think I am one of the only seniors who has heard from absolutely nowhere. I hate how people's response is "Ohh, don't worry, you'll get in everywhere!" (haha, not true). What they really need to say is "Hop into my time machine and we will take an adventure to March 30th/April 1st and see all of the nice, big, thick envelopes waiting in your mail box". Yeah, that would be nice.

Rehearsal from 12 to 4 today. I'm excited! (that's actually not sarcastic at all. This play is so fun.)
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