March 16th, 2006

watch out

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Holy Shit!

Okay, so for those of you who are avid followers of my livejournal, you may remember a few updates last year about some guy who wouldn't stop calling me? (
He called me one night while I was asleep and I picked up thinking it was Nick and, in my fatigued state I talked to him for a couple of minutes before realizing the voice was a little off and he was talking like a crazy man? Then he kept on calling me and leaving me crazy messages about how he was doing his laundry and thinking about me and having dreams about me and creepy shit like that? Well he's fucking back! He just called me and I, not remembering the number, picked up. He starts telling me about how he thinks I'm naughty and I tell him I have to go and he says I'm a naughty little brat. I ask him if I knew him and if he knows me and what his name is and if he knows what my name is, but he doesn't answer, just keeps on calling me a brat. I just hung up on him but I'm a little bit weirded out. Who the fuck is this, why does he have my number and why is he calling me again? Creeeeepy.
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