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November 20th, 2005

Posted on 2005.11.20 at 15:13
Mood: tired and full
Music: juanes-la paga (haha!)
So, at work (which was acutally kind of fun today) I get many strange questions: Everything from "Are you 12 years old?" to "Can I have a spoon to fish the ice out of my water?", to "can I have four containers of syrup to go with my little double stack of pancakes?". However, today was a first. I was refilling to coffees on a table with two middle aged couples, when one of the males starts to make conversation (how old am I? What grade? Where do I go to school??). After gathering this information, he pauses for a moment, and proceeds to ask me "So, what are your S.A.T. scores?". After answering hesitantly (and quite shocked that a stranger would be so agressive and audacious to ask his waitress such a thing!) he continues to question me about where I'm applying to college, what my first choice is, what my G.P.A. is (he insisted on knowing both weighted and unweighted), and what I'm sure would have been much more about my "qualifications" if his wife hadn't politely stopped him and suggested that I might need to get back to work (they had been talking to me about school, college, etc for about ten minutes at this point!) . However, before I left he managed to boastfully slip in that his children (who had gone to CPS) had attended Brown, Harvard, and Wash U., while the other man sitting there butted in that his son had gone to Stanford (yay, good for you, I really don't care!). The two men then proceeded to get into a heated debate as to whether or not I would get into Brown, which appeared to endure for the entirity of their meal (the agressive man thought I would, redeeming himself a bit for his rudeness). As they were leaving one of the wives gives me a hug and wishes me good luck, telling me not to stress myself out too much or take any rejections too personally. Gee, thanks, YOU WEIRDOS!!!

Okay, so I'm probably guilty of talking about college too much, but does the entire world have to be obsessed with it? What a competitive, agressive man who obviously lives vicariously through his kids.

It's so nice to think that I don't have school tomorrow. Or the next day. Or for an entire week! I'm working a lot though. And I have to work on my apps. And read the winter plays because I like to know what I'm auditioning for. (I've already read No Exit, Liana, and it's such an awesome play. I really want to be Estelle! hehe).

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