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November 10th, 2005



Posted on 2005.11.10 at 17:44
I hate airports! My dad and I were supposed to go to a visitor day at Whitman tomorrow, and I was kind of excited. We had a 4:55 flight to Seattle, which would then connect to a flight to Walla Walla. This connecting flight to Walla Walla was the last one of the day so we needed to get on the 4:55 flight to Seattle so we could make our second plane. On the way to the airport we get stuck in traffic, my dad is on the phone so he's going extra slow, we have trouble finding parking, the check-in area, etc. All of these delays added up so that we got to the check-in area at 4:26, one minute inside this apparent 30 minutes cut-off rule that Alaska Airlines has in which you're bumped off of your flight if you don't check in 30 minutes before hand. We couldn't get back on the flight, or get a later one that would still arrive in time for our connecting flight. How frustrating! Sorry for boring you with that!

Oh well, now i get to watch OC/CSI! And, if weather and conditions permit, my dad and I are going to try to go surfing tomorrow! (because we were already planning to take the day off).

In other news, I got a pocket dictionary today but it doesn't fit in my pocket. :(

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