October 25th, 2005


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The ghost that haunts my car has returned. He's appeared once before to help me with my radio (a different story for a different time) but this time, in what I'm guessing is the Halloween spirit, he has come to bring havoc upon me and my vehicle and things have gone amuck! The mischevious creature won't let me un-fasten my seatbelt! It is just stuck hooked in their and no matter how I try, I cannot get it to unhook. This makes getting in and out of my car quite an arduous process. I have to push my seat all the way back so that I can climb into my seatbelt headfirst. I can't really describe it, I just know that it quite the awkward looking ordeal, not to mention a pain in the ass! I bet my little ghost is laughing at me too! Hopefully he will get tired of these little games soon enough so that both my seatbelt and I can go free!

In other news, I've eaten too many honey nut cheerios today. Probably close to an entire box. I may have a problem. I also have a stomach ache.

...and: Would anyone be interested in seeing White Christmas, Slava's Snowshow or Barenaked for the Holidays with me this holiday season? eh? Oh yeah, and even though it's not holiday related, I really want to see Cirque du Soleil Corteo! I love the circus!
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