October 18th, 2005


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can someone please explain to me how colleges expect us to write anything of significance or revealing about ourselves in 500 words or less? the deeper i get into it, the more and more rediculous and overhyped this whole college application process seems. i've written an essay that i acutally kind of like: it's quite honest and ciandid, but very me. i feel like if a college doesn't like what it says about who i am or what i believe in, then i probably don't belong there anyway. however, i've practically butchered the thing with editing, and it's still 668 words. i'm not stressing, just frustrated. if i have to get this thing down to 500 words all of the life and emotion will be sucked out of it, and it will almost undoubtedly convey a meaning completely different (and more mundane) than that which i had intended back at 800 words. ugh, whatever. this is so stupid!

oh, and just so this entry isn't solely about college (because i'm tired of that being all i hear about wherever i go, although i'm not claiming to be completely innocent in making it a dominant topic of conversation) i'll mention a few other significant things that happened today.

1. i fell in love (at first sight) with kirin's 2 month old bitch. (and by bitch, i of course mean her dog charlotte. you people have dirty minds!)
2. sang at the top of my lungs to avenue q, hanson, jesse mcartney and lfo with meredith. it had been too long!
3. i actually understood something in multi-variable calculus.
4. wrote a limerick about myself, which is probably more revealing than most butchered 500 word college essays. maybe i should just expand this a bit or copy it several times and send it brown's way? eh?:

gooday! my name's jessie brown!
i hail from the mighty oaktown!
i am rather short,
of the *intelligent* sort
but i can sometimes act like a clown!

*"intelligent" can be substituted for another adjective. perhaps nerdy? jewish? hygienic?

p.s. lyzi asked me to mention that she is rediculous. i must say, i wholeheartedly agree. hehe.
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