October 11th, 2005


too much negativity!

Hello! I, Jessie Brown, hereby declare today, October 11, 2005 a third and non-denominational High Holiday, open to (and reccomended to) everyone and anyone, despite their religion. How do we celebrate this holiday, you ask? Go do something nice for yourself! Stop stressing! I'm tired of this drama, emoness, anxiety and negativity about things that would be easily fixable if we just got over ourselves a little bit (myself included)! So please, before you go whining in your livejournal or start complaining to someone for the sake of attention and pity while you won't even listen to their advice, go try to fix what's bothering you for yourself. Or at least do something that will make you a bit happy, because no one else is going to (or know's how to) do it for you.

Okay, thanks!