October 3rd, 2005


jessie brown is brown abaee abaDYE.

so, i decided i wanted to die my hair back to it's normalish color (darker than that wierd reddish-auburn-blondish [although no one else really agrees that it was blonde] color i've had for the past month or so). the hair actually turned out well, so, feeling ambitious, i attempted to cut myself those hipster kind-of-fall-into-your-eyes-flirtatiously bangs that pretty much everyone has these days. another mild sucess, i would say (and note by mild sucess i don't mean "omg i look fabulous", i just mean that there are no strange hairs sticking out in random places or huge disparities in length or anything). however, because it's me, something had to go wrong. about half way through dying my hair, i got sick of the little glove thingies you're supposed to wear in order to evenly distribute the dye. thinking that these gloves were probably just to protect prissy hair dyers from getting their hands dirty (but of course could be later washed off with ease) i took off my gloves and just used my hands. the process actually was a lot easier this way, and i was proud of my resourcefulness and courage in the face of getting a little bit messy. however, after many and many a wash my hands still remain a nasty color of brown that does not seem to be going away any time soon. furthermore, i have random spots of this brownish dye on my wrists and arms that also won't come off, and it looks like that sahara girl from the ring has grabbed my arm and burned my skin. i am not pleased. it looks like i'm very dirty or had a bad self tanner experience just on my hands. this better come off soon!

maybe i should follow directions next time? perhaps.
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