September 26th, 2005



i felt that this conversation was too brilliant to not be documented:

jessie: what's up?
greg: Not much, you?
jessie: not a whole lot, still want to hang out?
greg: Do broccoli ride unicycles in the summer time?
jessie: only when they're drunk
greg: But since we all know broccoli are always drunk, then we can see the answer is of course yes ;-)
jessie: no, i've met some straight edge broccoli in my day!
greg: No joke? I dont believe it!
jessie: they call
jessie: believe what you will!
jessie: OH WAIT
greg: Wow... yeah, I still don't believe. Sure it wasnt like bansai trees posing as broccoli?
greg: Wait what?
jessie: SURE...this broccoli had a cousin named colliflower who died from an overdose of heroin, so he swore to never touch any sort of substance ever again.
jessie: was your question like one of those "is the pope catholic questions?"
jessie: No, because we all know the Pope is a Confusian. See, I was asking a question that the answer would be yes too like... uh... Can toasters travel through time?
jessie: OOOH, well everyone knows the answer to that one is yes.
jessie: except maybe straight edge brocolli, they might not know that.
greg: Damn straight :-)
jessie: haha, oh we are such a silly pair!
greg: Well, straight edge brocolli dont count!
greg: Silly? Whos being silly? :P
jessie: hehe, try telling that to them!
jessie: they will kick your ass, because straight edge is hardXc0re
greg: No, I wont try, cause straight edge broccoli are no fun! :P
greg: True, they probably know kung fu, since they are really bansai trees in desquise
jessie: perhaps some of them are, but others are just savages
greg: What kind of plant is a savage? Is that like some type of cabbage?
jessie: there are many different types of plants in the savage family: straight edge broccoli, cacti, the venus fly trap, the cocoa bean, and rotten cherry tomatoes
greg: Ewww... how are rotton tomatoes savage in any way? They are just gross
jessie: but savage nonetheless!
greg: Ill have to take your word on that
jessie: OKAY< but anyway, back to your original question, since straight edge broccoli don't actually count, because they are also in teh savage family and therefore, i guess, not actually brocolli. the answer is yes. so make like a drunken broccoli in the summertime on a unicycle and get yo ass over here!

we are so cool!
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