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September 20th, 2005


bang bang maxwell's silver hammer came down on her head!

Posted on 2005.09.20 at 19:59
Mood: i don't like homework!
Music: the beatles-maxwell's silver hammer
i have two tests tomorrow (one in history, one in econ). this means a lot of reading over my notes, which of course involves looking what i've doodled in the margins while bored in class. after doing this i've come to two conclusions:

1. i'm really not a good artist at all. i'd like to use the excuse that i'm just so involved in learning the material that i can't put adequate focus on my doodles and therefore they are not a good representation of my artistic potential, but i think we all know that i neither pay close attention in class, nor do i have much potential to live up to.

B. i don't know what inspires me to draw the things that i do, but sometimes my doodles are kind of weird. for instance, looking over my history notes the other day, it appears that i've drawn an otter, a rat, a koala bear, a cat and a tucan with glasses all just chillin' together, hanging out, if you will. i've also chosen to label them (including the bamboo that the koala holds in its hand) just in case i someday find the need to actually know what the hell i was trying to draw.

i swear this pointless entry was not just an excuse to procrastinate.

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