September 18th, 2005



s'all's cool. (:

well, i guess not ALL. school could be a bit better, but my expectations are never too high for that anyways. it's just stressful and kind of lonley-ish. all of this college shit is INTENSE and overwhelming, and on top of all of the other work i have for school or everything else (ack so much. i need more sleep.) it seems like a lot to deal with. socially, i feel like school has been kind of weird this year. i feel distant from everyone; like everyone has found their own little group and since i don't really fit into any clearly defined clique at the moment (at least not at school) i'm always the second choice to hang out with. that's probably all in my head, and probably partially my fault for staying somewhat distant, bit i don't know, i feel kind of out of place. i'm glad there are people like priya, kirin, kit, christine, alex, etc. but i still feel like something's off. i miss you guys!

okay, so this entry was supposed to be about how everthing is good right now, and it actually really is. i'm a happy camper. plus, i've been hanging out with some awesome people outside of school. i just had to complain a little bit. you know how it is.

oh man, work tomorrow. and then too much homework. boo. this week is looking like it's going to be pretty busy.
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homework, especially for a class in which i have absolutely no idea what is going on, is pure evil. it actually makes me sad.

god damn you, multivariable calculus!
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