August 25th, 2005


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okay, update on the rockridge cafe situation: i'm working saturday, sunday and monday. you should all come visit me, please. i'll usually just work on sundays, but i guess they need to train me or something. my manager is the weirdest person ever, but also very amusing. he flirts wildly with the mexican cook, antonio, and swears that making a good cappucino is a high form of art.

it's really hitting me how little time i'm going to have this year. i'm going to have like negative free time, but i still need to find a bit of time to go dumb and hang out with my friends. that's the only way i will stay sane.

that's about all i have to say. i'm in a slightly crappy mood and i don't know why. i'm going to work more on making my tip jar pretty.
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    zwan-honestly. ew corny love song.