August 24th, 2005


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1. so it looks like in the spare time that i don't have this year, i'll be working at Rockridge Cafe, which will be nice because i never have any money. unfortunately, i have to be there at 7am tomorrow to start training. that's just insane. once i know my hours you should all come visit me, please.

2. would anybody be interested in seeing tom petty on friday night?

3. would anybody be interested in going to the beach/surfing on friday day?

4. i'm super juiced for this little kgb/solemite reunion show. i had been hearing rumors for a while, but now that it's confirmed i'm really excited. damn, the memories! i hope to see a bunch of you who i haven't seen FOREVER there.

[edit] 5. i'm filling out the common app right now and it is slowly killing me. i never knew filling in the blanks could be so hard. especially with these god damn extra curriculars. first of all, they give you no place to describe your acitivites or positions at all, then they expect a uniform, consistent number of hours you spend in each activity per week? i have no idea what to put for debate. some weeks i'll spend probably 20 or more hours at a tournament, but other weeks i won't even debate at all. i'm confused.
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